FAQ - Sheraspace


An FAQ list to help you understand how everything works.

1. Why should Sheraspace design for me?

Sheraspace will match you to a skilled interior designer who is the best match for your project’s requirements. Your designer will be selected from a diverse pool of interior designers from across Dhaka city.

Alongside competent designer consultations, Sheraspace serves you with a wide array of services – from expert installation workers to project management, furniture manufacture, sourcing and beyond.

2. How does Sheraspace differ from other interior firms?

Sheraspace holds a diverse pool of designers. Your assigned designer is the best match for your project’s requirements, carefully selected to serve your unique requirements.

Saving you the trouble of coordinating your installation workers, carpenters, painters, sourcing your own furniture, choosing materials, themes and colours and ending up dedicating extensive amounts of time and effort in research and coordination, Sheraspace provides you with a complete end-to-end service package.

Our cost calculations are transparent and we offer detailed cost breakdowns of each service we provide.

3. What kinds of spaces does Sheraspace design?

Sheraspace designs residences (apartments, villas and individual houses), all sizes of workplaces (small or big), restaurants and outlets

4. Where does Sheraspace currently operate?

Sheraspace currently operates in Dhaka.

5. I do not live in Dhaka but own property here. Can Sheraspace still design my property?

Absolutely. Sheraspace will take care of all aspects of your property’s design and interiors installation all the while keeping you updated on the progress, sharing insights and ideas and will provide you with all required information remotely, with the help of project management, audio and video conferencing and messaging support tools.

To speak to a designer, click here.

6. What aspects of my space’s design will Sheraspace undertake?

From civil work to flooring, ceilings, wall treatments, lighting, furniture and beyond, Sheraspace can handle all aspects of your home or workplace’s design from start till the very end. For a full catalogue of all our available service,have a look here.

7. Can I get only part of my residence/workplace designed?

Absolutely. Be it just your kitchen, bedroom, living room or furniture manufacture – Sheraspace can design part of your residence/workplace. However, as each project and its scope of work is unique, we advise a designer consultation to get accurate answers.

8. Who will work on my Sheraspace interior project?

A Sheraspace designer will be best-matched to your project’s requirements, who along with a team of service partners, installation workers and suppliers, will bring your ideas to life. To speak to a designer, click here.

9. Can I choose the interior designer for my project?

Your unique requirements and preferences are of high importance to us, which is why Sheraspace carefully selects a specific designer who is suitable for your distinctive needs. Choosing the right professional requires extensive research, enquiry and assessment – all of which Sheraspace conducts on your behalf. To speak to a designer, click here.

10. Do I need a Sheraspace account in order to book a project with them?

You do not need a Sheraspace account to book a project with us. Simply fill in the online form.

Alternatively, call +88 01738174440 and a Sheraspace service agent will assist you with the booking/consultation session.

11. How do I arrange my first design consultation?

Simply fill in the online form and a Sheraspace agent will be in touch with you to arrange your first design consultation.

12. I have submitted the online form for a design consultation. When will I receive a call from Sheraspace?

Awesome. Our agent will be in touch with you within two working days upon your submission of the online form.

13. How much time will it take to design my space?

A variety of factors affect design times, like choosing products and materials, number of reviews and changes, availability of products and materials, your response times and availability. Your designer will work at a speed that is suitable for you and your project. As the number of reviews and changes may impact the overall duration of the project, to generate your finalised designs faster, your continued support to us is very valuable.

14. How much time will it take to install my interiors?

Upon finalisation of your design, Sheraspace will share an extensive schedule of your interior installation timeline. Please note that the number of reviews and changes during the design phase may impact the overall duration of the project.

15. I have queries. How do I get in touch?

Sheraspace customer care is at your service from 10AM till 6PM, Saturday till Thursday. You may call us on +88 01738174440 or email at [email protected].